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John Harwood has been working digitally since 1989 using Alias Wavefront High End 3D software running on powerful Silicon Graphics computers. He has consistently supplied clients with generic (no manufacturer) items of hardware where photo-realism or hyper-realism is required to illustrate products that have a mix of all the best design features. In this instance, his product design skills are well integrated into the creative process. He is also engaged in product prototyping and can, when required, produce deadly accurate 3D models of components that would not otherwise photograph well. His main markets both in the UK and the US are pharmaceuticals, architecture and technology. The broad gamut between conceptual and product realism are covered.

UGG Poster
Design. 2004.11.01 03:13

2절(546mm*788mm) 사이즈 Poster
photo by Canon EOS 300D Digital
made in G4 1GHz PowerBook 12inch

Air Force1
Design. 2004.08.29 02:57

디자인 학원 다녔을 때 '사진학' 수업의 마지막 과제물
스튜디오에 운동화 26box나 들고가서 각 신발마다 3~4장씩 찍고 사진 결과물이 마음에 안 들어서 다른 스튜디오에 가서 다음날 똑같은 노가다 한번 더 하고 하루 밤을 꼴딱 세우면서 만든 과제물이다.

요즘은 에어포스1을 좋아하는 사람들이 많이 줄어서 아쉬운 마음에 '에어포스1은 아직 건제하다'라는 것을 알리고 싶어서 만들었다. ^^

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